Art of Aromas

What it is


The Art of Aromas is a Visual Arts Scholarship Competition sponsored by the Doctor Aromas Foundation. The competition seeks to introduce the idea of using fragrances in Art to students attending Dade County Schools from grades 10 to 12.

The making of a new aroma is a creative act conceived for the sense of smell. With a very long history, this craft has been passed down through centuries around the world and today is recognized as a true art form. In the same way that opera is a fusion of theater and music, that film is an evolution of photography, that Pina Bausch blends dance and drama, we propose that the combination of aromas and visual arts could be an art form in itself.

So, the goal of this competition is to promote the concept that aromas can be a part of a visual piece of art, adding a new dimension to it. Participating students will use a new scent developed by Doctor Aromas in their artwork. This fragrance should inspire their artistic crerativityand serve as a motivation for the artwork they will submit.