Art of Aromas 2016

When the worlds of smell and art collide, unexpected things happen. Given that our sense of smell is known to elicit powerful emotions and memories, it makes sense that it has the power to inspire in the world of art.

Imagine if the smell itself was the work of art! The Smithsonian Mag covered a recent installation of Smell, The Beauty of Decay: SmellScape Central Park, designed by scent artist Sissel Tolaas. A beautiful smell is in the nose of the beholder and Sissel wanted to tap into the aesthetics of smell. After spending weeks in Central Park in October trying to capture the essence of the flowers at the end of their bloom, Sissel was able to create special paints that mimic the same smells. The walls were similar to scratch and sniff stickers you loved as a kid. Visitors were encourage to scratch and smell the walls within the installation. Sissel hopes that the museum goers will take away the idea that smells can be beautiful too!

Recently, Doctor Aromas created the Art of Aromas competition for Miami Dade schools. Students were encouraged to create an art piece inspired by our latest fragrance, White Velvet. The challenge was to come up with a piece of art with a scent component. The winners received a $4,500 college fund. The goal is to make Art of Aromas an annual event with the hopes the students can become pioneers in the scent art world

Event Highlights